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Is your air conditioner acting up just when you need it most? Do unexpected breakdowns and maintenance issues have you sweating over your comfort and convenience? Put those worries on ice with B.L. James & Son – your trusted mechanical contractor in Arlington, VA.

Stay Cool This Summer with Top-Notch Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repair

At B.L. James & Son, we believe in preventing problems before they happen. Our comprehensive AC maintenance services keep your air conditioning system running efficiently and smoothly, saving you from unwelcome surprises during the hot summer months.

Should you encounter any problems with your AC unit, our expert technicians are also ready to deliver prompt and reliable AC repair services. We're equipped to handle a wide range of HVAC service needs, ensuring your home or business stays comfortable all year round.

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Air Conditioners Can Fail for Several Reasons

Lack of Regular Maintenance

This is perhaps the most common cause of air conditioning problems. Regular maintenance helps ensure that all the components of your AC system are working correctly. Skipping routine check-ups can lead to minor issues going unnoticed, which over time can develop into more significant problems that cause the system to fail.

Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant is what cools the air within your AC system. If your system develops a leak in the refrigerant lines, you can end up with too low a level of refrigerant to effectively cool the air. Not only can this cause your AC to perform poorly, but refrigerant leaks can also lead to serious mechanical issues if not addressed promptly.

Overloading Compressor

The compressor is like the heart of your air conditioning system, pumping refrigerant through the unit to cool down incoming air. During periods of intense heat, the compressor has to work harder and might overheat, especially if your system is not correctly sized for your space. If the compressor fails, the whole system can stop working.

Faulty Thermostat

Sometimes, the problem isn't with the AC unit itself, but with the thermostat that controls it. If the thermostat isn't working correctly, it may not correctly regulate the amount of cold air the system produces, causing it to either cool too much or not enough.

Signs and Symptoms of a Bad Air Conditioning System

  • Reduced airflow from the vents
  • It's blowing warm air
  • You hear unusual noises
  • You smell bad odors
  • Air feels damp or sticky
  • Unit powering on and off

Steps to Troubleshoot Your Air Conditioning System

  • Initial Consultation: The first step is to understand the problem from the homeowner. This could involve questions about when the issue started, any unusual sounds or smells, or if the system is cooling unevenly or not at all.
  • Physical Inspection: The technicians then visually inspect the unit. They're looking for obvious issues like leaks, ice buildup, or damaged components.
  • Checking Thermostat Settings: An incorrectly set or malfunctioning thermostat can often be the root of AC problems. Technicians will ensure it's set correctly and communicating properly with the AC unit.
  • Reviewing the Air Filter: A dirty or clogged air filter can impede air flow and cause a system to underperform. If needed, technicians will clean or replace the filter.
  • Evaluating the Outdoor Unit: The condenser and outdoor components of the AC system will be inspected for dirt, debris, and damage that could be impacting performance.
  • Testing Electrical Components: Electrical issues are a common AC problem. The technicians will test the circuit breakers, wiring, and capacitors to ensure they're functioning as expected.
  • Inspecting the Ductwork: If your home isn't cooling evenly, the problem could be in the ductwork. Technicians will check for leaks, obstructions, or damage that could be impacting airflow.
  • Checking Refrigerant Levels: Low refrigerant can prevent your system from cooling effectively. If a leak is suspected, it will need to be located, repaired, and the refrigerant recharged.
  • System Diagnostics: Many modern AC systems have diagnostic tools built in. If your system has error codes or alerts, these will be reviewed and addressed.
  • Reporting Findings: Once the issue has been identified, the technician will explain the problem, suggest a solution, and provide a repair estimate.

Benefits and Advantages of Calling B.L. James & Son to Repair Your Air Conditioning System

Expert service

Our skilled technicians have the experience and expertise to repair or install your cooling system quickly and efficiently.

Competitive pricing

Our services are fairly priced to provide the best value for your money.

Quality products

We work with top-quality AC brands to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability.


We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

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