Efficiency Upgrades & Energy Rebates

Washington Gas is offering rebates to consumers who upgrade certain gas fired house hold appliances in 2022. Rebates of up to $700 are available for heating upgrades (boilers & furnaces) and up to $400 for water heater upgrades, including tankless water heaters!

Rebates offered by Washington gas can be redeemed by homeowners who have their appliances upgraded to a high efficiency system by contractors from an approved list. Appliances must be energy star certified and meet other efficiency requirements.

Energy Star appliances generally have a 5%-15% increase in efficiency versus non energy star appliances. Qualified Energy Star furnaces offer a rating of 90% AFUE or greater, which is about 15% more efficient than the minimum federal efficiency standard. Energy Star Certified appliances have the highest standard of efficiency engineered into their design.There are two levels to each rebate category. For example; For a maximum heating rebate of $700, a consumer would need to install a 96% efficient furnace. Homeowners can expect to see the rebate check 6-8 weeks after a rebate submittal has been made.

Washington Gas list of Approved Service Providers must pass various professional requirements to be approved by Washington Gas. BL JAMES IS AN APPROVED WASHINGTON GAS SERVICE PROVIDER.According to Washington Gas,“Tankless models can save a family of four up to $95 a year, or $1,800 over the unit’s lifetime compared to a standard natural gas storage model.

”Many gas fired appliances around the DC Metro Area are approaching end of life, coupled with energy saving potential in an upgrade, a rebate is more appealing than ever.

Do you want to confirm your eligibility for the program?You can confirm your eligibility here;https://wgsmartsavings.com/programs-rebates/home/va

Please call (703)243-0655 to set up a free efficiency upgrade consultation!

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